The home of Matthew 'Barakis' Brown

December 25th,2015

Merry Christmas. Just wanted to give this an update with my knowledge of the following:

  • HTML -- Just finished the Codeacademy Course
  • CSS -- Part of the above course at Codeacademy
  • JAVASCRIPT -- Still learning it.

November 22,2015

If you are seeing this new homepage, then you are looking at my new homepage done using bootstrap.
This means that my new homepage should look good weather you are viewing this on a computer or a mobile device.
This site is STILL VERY MUCH IN CONSTRUCTION. Plz Stay tuned for more information.

JUNE 2015

Well, as you can guess I had a problem with my hosting or more likely a problem paying it which wiped my vps. I will try not to have that problem again thankfully. I do realize that I could get free hosting for a year at amazon thanks to a tip from a friend on Facebook but I have not throughly checked it out.